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rec | when our falsehoods are divided [the history boys]

title: when our falsehoods are divided
author: fahye_fic
fandom: the history boys
pairing: stuart dakin/tom irwin
rating: r
length: 8,486 words

"What? You took him out for one drink and he didn't follow you home and ravish you immediately? How shall you live with the shame?" Scripps was using his declaiming-voice, composing dialogue as he spoke.

"You can stop sounding so damn pleased with yourself," Dakin told him. "He had work to do -- I'm seeing him again on Friday."

"Yeah, I think I'd make sure I had work to do. If I were meeting you for a drink and I wasn't sure that I wanted anything else to happen."

"Scripps, you sly dog, I think that was a compliment. But he suggested the second drink, not me."

Tags: !play, [length] 5-10k, [rating] r, [type] slash, pairing: stuart dakin/tom irwin, play: the history boys
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