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rec | except you ravish me [the history boys]

title: except you ravish me
author: solvent90
fandom: the history boys
pairing: stuart dakin/donald scripps
rating: r
length: 3,100 words

“All right,” Scripps answers, finally, and so they end up stumbling down the bright deserted streets to Dakin’s college, bumping into each other and laughing. The gate bangs decisively behind them; and once in the door to his room Dakin turns and stops so that Scripps runs into him, clutching automatically at his sleeve and only just saving them from a clash of foreheads.

“What,” he starts to say, exasperated, but then Dakin tilts his head very deliberately, lifts his jaw. He’s shockingly close, inches away, and Scripps’s eyes have flickered to his mouth before he even realises it. Fuck. Fuck. He watches the triumphant twist of Dakin’s smile form, his own throat going abruptly dry, and then Dakin’s thumb lands just under his ear. Strokes a purposeful line down his jaw; and that, irrationally, makes startling electricity jump down his spine.

“Oh, God,” he says, without thinking. Dakin grins at that, and suddenly he’s even closer, leaning in. Leaning -

“Dakin,” Scripps says, and his voice’s gone harsher than he’s ever heard it, harsher than he’s ever needed it to be before. His hands are tight on Dakin’s shoulders, holding him away. “No.”
Tags: !play, [length] 2-5k, [rating] r, [type] slash, pairing: stuart dakin/donald scripps, play: the history boys
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