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rec | if, then [the history boys]

title: if, then
author: holycitygirl
fandom: the history boys
pairing: stuart dakin/donald scripps
rating: pg-13
length: 1,300 words

"What are you at, Stu?" The corresponding shove is nothing more than a gentle pressure applied with fingertips. "You never got your grand gay adventure and you thought you'd try me?"

Refusing to be moved Dakin takes Scripps amused expression as encouragement. "Can't fault my logic."

Scripps just looks down at the hand that settles on the bicep of his crossed arms and arches an eyebrow. "Contrary, I think I can, and will. I'm a celibate, heterosexual, with no urge whatsoever to feed into your God complex. Why would I ever fancy you?"

Dakin lets his bravado lead him further, trusting in it the way he trusts all things learned from practice and repetition. "You like God."

"Aye." Scripps keeps still, seemingly content to let the moment play out between them. "But you aren't Him."
Tags: !play, [length] 1-2k, [rating] pg13, [type] slash, pairing: stuart dakin/donald scripps, play: the history boys
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