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rec | grid reference [mopi]

title: grid reference
author: tieleen
fandom: my own private idaho
pairing: mike waters/scott favor
rating: pg
length: 1,175 words

"We did follow it," Scott says, patiently. "That was how we got away from there. We didn't cross through the fields. At least not after I got you to wake up."

"I guess we went off it at some point," Mike says. It sounds wrong, but he's so tired.

"There's no road that can take you all around the world," Scott tells him. "They all stop, or go back on themselves, or become a different place. You've got to meet the ocean some time."

"I've never been to the ocean," Mike says.

"Regardless," Scott says, "it's still there."

"I guess so," Mike says. "I don't, I don't know."
Tags: !film, [length] 1-2k, [rating] pg, [type] slash, film: my own private idaho, pairing: mike waters/scott favor
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