we can have you replaced, cheeky baby (portions_forfox) wrote in orbetteryet,
we can have you replaced, cheeky baby

rec | things jim can’t remember [the office]

title: things jim can’t remember
author: annakovsky
fandom: the office
pairing: jim halpert/mark the roommate
rating: nc-17
length: 1,700 words

Jim shrugs and goes back to pushing buttons and staring at the screen, where he's playing a pretty terrible game of John Madden Football.

"Don't you have work tomorrow?" Mark says.

"Yeah," Jim says, and his team loses another fourth down. "Fuck," Jim mutters, which is odd. Normally he hardly ever swears.

Tags: !tv, [rating] nc17, [type] slash, pairing: jim halpert/mark, tv: the office
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